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Documents & Studies FAQ

Documents About Drugs:

Any documents, research papers, scientific studies, or other data on the following.

- Various Drug related topics
-- Drug History
-- Drug Use
-- The Euphoric Mind
-- The Euphoric body
-- Drug Policy Debate
-- Law
-- Addiction
-- Chemistry Archive

- Any physiological, pharmacological, or chemical data on any drug listed in the file archive.

Searching for Documents in the File Archive

Uploading Documents to the File Archive

On the Drugs Forum navigation bar, click Quick Links. In the drop-down box, click Add File.


In the Name field, type the title of the document.

In the Description field, type a short description of what the document is about, including authors and where it was published, if applicable. If you are uploading a journal article, see recommendations for uploading journal articles below.

*Also, please add a note to the moderator approving the file if you would like a thread to be automatically generated on this topic. See "Automatic Thread for Discussion of a new Document" below.

In the New Keywords field, you can type keywords that do not appear in the name or description of the file but may be searched for using the search engine. For example, for an article on MDMA, the keyword ecstasy should be added if not present in name and description. Keywords are separated by single spaces.


1. If the document you want to upload is hosted online, type the URL into the URL field. The URL is located in the address bar of your internet browser when you are viewing the document (e.g. Select the URL by right-clicking on the text and clicking Select All, then right-clicking on the text again and selecting Copy. Paste the URL into the URL field by right-clicking the field and clicking Paste or by left-clicking into the field and hitting Ctrl + V on your keyboard.

If your document is located on a local drive (your hard drive, a CD in your computer, etc.), you leave the URL field empty and click Browse... next to the File Upload field. This opens a window in which you can navigate to the location of you file and select it.

2. The same goes for selecting a preview Image for the document. If there is a URL to an image that represents the document, fill it in. If you would like to upload an image instead, select if by clicking Browse... underneath. If you leave both these fields black, and image will be auto-created or a default icon will take its place.

3. Under Parent Categories, you have to select in what section of the file archive your document will appear. Select the most appropriate category for your document. Some documents fit into two or more categories. To select multiple categories, select the first category by clicking on it, then select subsequent categories by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking.

Note that some of the top-level categories are closed. This does not mean that sub-categories are closed as well.

Please also make sure you select the appropriate category. All files are organized into 3 main sections, Video, Audio, and Documents. Find a subcategory under most appropriate under the main category.


Click on Submit.

Automatic Thread for Discussion on a new Document

A thread can be automatically generated for new documents that are uploaded to the archives. The automatic text follows this general format:

If you would like a thread to be created, please add a note to the description of the file at the bottom: "Please create discussion thread"

Note that not all documents or video's are linked to a specific forum so a discussion thread might not be able to be created.

Recommendations for uploading journal articles

For journal articles and letters to the editor published in journals, there are several recommendations and guidelines that, if followed, will improve the search function of the file archive, making files on certain topics easier to locate.

You should include the title of the document, authors, where it was published, and the abstract. The format below is recommended:

Title of the document you are uploading, followed by year of publication in parentheses.

For example:
Authors (either full names or initials). Citation (preferrably as supplied by but with full name of journal). It is recommended to use English characters - try to avoid special characters such as ç, ä, or ñ.
Abstract (abstracts on are usually easier to copy and paste than abstracts from the original PDF file)

For example:

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