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Various Questions & Answers

Where is the Sources forum?

Access to the sources forums is one of the privileges of gold membership. See membership categories.

Why can’t I edit my posts?

Editing posts is a privilege of silver membership. Newbies can reach silver membership by reaching a reputation level of 5. Donating newbies have the ability to edit posts and all other privileges of silver membership.

How do I become a Silver/Palladium/Gold member?

Upgrades to silver are automatic after the member has received more than 5 rep points. Under the new reputation system, one green star is worth 5 reputation points, which means that two stars would be needed. The other upgrades are reviewed by moderators and the administrator. See Member Groups for more information.

Why has my post been edited/removed?

If a post is against the rules, a staff member will fix (edit) or delete it, depending on the rule broken, the nature of the post, etc. Short posts may be edited, long posts may be deleted. If you find that a post of yours was deleted and you want to fix and re-post it, contact a staff member responsible for the forum you posted in.

Why can’t I access the Chemistry forum?

For safety reasons the chemistry forum is accessible only by a system Access Application. Or by Donating members

Why can’t I use the chat?

The chat is for donating members (Silver and above), and Platinum members. Mercury members, Newbies, and Silver members who don’t donate can not log into the chat. Occasionally there will be a chat meeting, and in that case, the chat will be open for all Titanium members and above. This will be announced in News & announcements.

Why can’t I accept the rules?

In order to accept the rules, you actually have to read them. To encourage this, a 180 second timer is built in. You have to wait until this time has passed. If you are connecting through a proxy then this function might not work, so you will need to connect directly for this. Only after you have accepted the rules, you can make use of the site. Read through the section titled "Agreeing to the rules" for further clarification.

Why are the rules here so strict?

Many other sites have disappeared, or possibly taken over by other parties, as a result of not having strong rules built in. We don't like being strict, but we also care about our members and the site and don't want this library to be burned down.

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