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Adding an event

If you want to add an event to the Events section first make sure the event has not already been added by another member. Providing the event has not been added, the first step is to 'create' the event. There are a number of ways to create an event but the end result will the same regardless of route.

If you are already in the Calendar pages, select the 'Create New Event' button at the top right-hand side of the screen. If you are outside the Calendar pages, you could navigate to the Calendar pages by selecting 'Events' from the control bar then selecting the 'Create New Event' as below:


Alternatively, the Forum Quick Links feature can be used which is accessible from any Forum page. Run the cursor over the small icon on the 'Create' tab (rather than selecting 'Create') and a drop down menu will appear.


From the drop-down menu, select 'Event':


If a mobile phone or tablet is being used, the screen will appear slightly different to the computer screenshots above, however the functions are the same.

This links to a form which needs to be filled out with the Event information before it can be added to the Calendar.


The title should be the name of the Event.

Start time to end time.

The start and finish dates/times should be selected using the drop down menu displayed when the relevant field is selected. Start and finish dates/times are usually found on the event website or on the event facebook page.


If you cannot find it, then check the 'all day' option.


Recurring Events

If the event occurs at a regular interval, then check the 'recurring' option. This is only for events that happen every year at the exact same date and time.

Event Description.

Please include information about the event. Usually suitable information is found on the event website or facebook page. Providing excessive, detailed text on the event content should be avoided. If there are video's related to the event then please include these. Sometimes events have fliers available for an event which can also be added here.
The normal editor panel is used. Media can either be added to the bottom of a description using the editor or added at the bottom of the page



Add the address of the venue in the 'Where' field. You can use Google Maps to find the address if needed. If you fill in the 'Where' field then a map will display after the event is added.


In order for the event start time to display correctly its useful to select the correct timezone for the event,noting that the timezone is in the UTC format and ignores daylight saving.


Always turn the 'Request RSVP' option on if the event has a location. i.e. if the event can be attended. THis function will allow members to mark that they will attend the event.


Please fill in the event website


Please fill in the event facebook url.

Event Type

Check the relevant Event type(s) from the choices:


Images & Event Cover

Add at least one image. More is better. Images submitted here will go into the Event's main image gallery. The first image added will become the main cover image. (After creation of the Event you can select a different cover image if needed)
You can add images by drag & drop or by clicking 'upload file'. When the 'upload file' option is selected and an image is uploaded the choice of adding the image as a 'thumbnail' or 'main image' is given. The 'thumbnail' option can be ignored. Unless a flier or similar is being added to the event description, the 'main image option can also be ignored. Pressing main image (only as at least the second image uploaded) will put the image within the event description at the last place the cursor was placed. Below represents two images uploaded, the first is the main image, and is automatically formated and sent. The second image is a flier to be sent as a full image to the description section and the rest can be ignored.


Image requirements:
  1. Do not add images with watermarks or links.
  2. For the cover image choose a somewhat square image. Preferably with White background.
  3. For the cover image choose an image that shows clearly what the Event is. Preferably the official logo.
  4. Only use quality images. Preferably images that look professional.
  5. The image is automaticallly resized when loaded but images originally too small or to large will blur.
Then, you can [​IMG]


Tags are added after the event has been uploaded (To add tags, just start typing and auto-complete suggestions will pop up.)
Good tags to add are:
  1. The name of the Event
  2. The event type. i.e. 'Hemp Expo'
  3. The event topic. i.e. Ayahuasca if tthe event is about ayahuasca.
  4. The name of the Organizer.

What kind of events to add?

You can add any event that is related to drugs or to drug culture. Events of interest are: conferences, festivals, trade shows, cannabis cups, symposiums, etc. This thread has a handy list of events that can be added.

Viewing the Calendar

The Calendar can be accessed here.
To view the Calendar, click the Browse tab, and then Events.

Discussing an event

To discuss an event, first open the event you want discuss then click the 'Discussion' tab (see below) then comment in the edit box.
If an event has had multiple images added to it, an image gallery will be visible bewteen the 'Overview' and 'Discussion' tabs:


MAP & Directions

If an address has been filled in for the event then a map will be visible on the event page. You can use this to view the location and to get directions to get to the event location.

Watch Event (subscribe to the event)

If you want to keep track of changes to the event, then you can click the 'Watch Event' function. This also allows you to quickly access the event. (from your watched events page)


Today's birthdays and upcoming birthdays are displayed on the main events page. Only birthdays for members that have an avatar are displayed.

Your Events

You can view a list of your events, by clicking on the 'Your Events' link.
Important events can get featured. Featured events will be visible at the top of the main events page.

Attending an Event (RSVP)

If you consider or plan to attend an event then you can use the RSVP function to select 'going' 'maybe' or 'decline'. This will let other members know if you plan on going.

Adding an Event to the Calendar on your device

You can easily add an event to the calendar of your device. (phone, tablet, computer) Click 'Add to calendar' and open the file with your calendar App. This feature should not be confused with adding an event to the forum discussed at the top of this FAQ.


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