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Adding an event

If you want to add an Event to the Events section then first check if the Event already exists. Then proceed:

Start by hitting the "Create New Event" button at the top right of the calendar pages. [​IMG]
You can also use the 'Create' tab on any page and then select 'Event'.

Then fill out all the details about the Event you are adding.


The title should be the name of the Event.

Start time to end time.

Add the date & time the event starts and the date and time the event ends.
If you do not know the time then check the website of the event. If you cannot find it, then check the 'all day' option.

Recurring Events

If the event occurs with a regular interval, then check the 'recurring' option. This is for events that happen every year at the exact same date.

Event Description.

Please include information about the event. Often you can find this on the event website or facebook page. If there are video's related to the event, then please include this.


Add the address of the venue in the 'Where' field. You can use Google Maps to find the address if needed. If you fill in the 'Where' field then a map will display after the event is added.


In order for the event start time to display correctly its useful to select the correct timezone for the event.


Always turn the 'Request RSVP' option on if the event has a location. i.e. if the event can be attended. THis function will allow members to mark that they will attend the event.


Please fill in the event website.


Please fill in the event facebook url.

Event Type

Check the relevant Event type(s)

Images & Event Cover

Add at least one image. More is better. Images submitted here will go into the Event's main image gallery. The first image added will become the main cover image. (After creation of the Event you can select a different cover image if needed)
You can add images by drag & drop or by clicking 'upload file'.

Image requirements:
  1. Do not add images with watermarks or links.
  2. For the cover image choose a somewhat square image. Preferably with White background.
  3. For the cover image choose an image that shows clearly what the Event is. Preferably the official logo.
  4. Only use quality images. Preferably images that look professional.


Then add some tags. (To add tags, just start typing and auto-complete suggestions will pop up.)
Good tags to add are:
  1. The name of the Event
  2. The event type. i.e. 'Hemp Expo'
  3. The event topic. i.e. Ayahuasca if tthe event is about ayahuasca.
  4. The name of the Organizer.
Then, you can save your Event

What kind of events to add?

You can add any event that is related to drugs or to drug culture. Events of interest are: conferences, festivals, trade shows, cannabis cups, symposiums, etc. This thread has a handy list of events that can be added.

Viewing the Calendar

The Calendar can be accessed here.
To view the Calendar, select the Quick Links drop down, and click Calendar.

Discussing an event

MAP & Directions

Watch Event (subscribe to the event)


Your Events

Attending an Event (RSVP)

Adding an Event to the Calendar on your device

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