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Registering for the forum will allow a user to provide feedback on any topics discussed in the forum, allow a user to view more sub-forums than they could unregistered, and also give a user access to many other functions of Drugs-Forum including the file archive.

How to register

To register at Drugs-Forum, first click on the link on the home page circled below:


After that, you will be taken to this screen:

[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  • Choose the user name you wish to use on the forum. Please use something fairly recognizable (i.e. not stuff along the lines of 48hgiu2jgir2tjr) and not too offensive. Any user name decided to be unacceptable will lead to denial of registration.
  • Enter your valid email address.
  • Next, choose and confirm your desired password. Please do not lose it.
  • Choose your sex.
  • Enter your date of birth.
  • Choose your location. If you do not wish to disclose this, there is an "Earth" option.
  • Choose an account type.
  • List the drugs of interest to you.
  • Tick the box to enter the capture for verification you are not a bot.
  • Tick the box to indicate you accept the terms and privacy policy.

Multiple accounts

Its not allowed to register puppet accounts. Doing so will make staff assume that spammers, hackers or other malicious activity is going on. This can result in warnings or bans.

Email Validation

Email validation is used to show that a registered user is tied to a real life person: not a spambot, previously banned user, or an otherwise unwanted entity. The last step of registering will prompt the following message to show up:

You will receive an email in your inbox. You MUST follow the link in that email before you can post on these forums. Until you do that, you will be told that you do not have permission to post." This is the only time email validation will need to be used.

At this point you will need to confirm the email address you used to create the account by clicking the link you receive in your email.

The email you receive will look like this. Click on the confirmation link as shown.

Information below this line may not be up to date.

Agreeing to the Rules

After registering but before you are able to do anything on the forum, you will be required to read through the rules and accept them. This is because we know that when most people sign up for something on the internet, they don't read the rules and simply click whatever is necessary to sign up. This is a lazy practice that inevitably gets people banned for self-incrimination, or other breaches of the rules. In order to remedy this there are a few safeguards put in place.

The Process of Agreeing to the Rules

Click on the inbox link at the top right of your screen. You will see an alert there letting you know you have received a new message.

From your inbox, click on the welcome message you have received from Alfa to open it. This contains some quick tips on how to get started, but importantly it contains a link to the rules page for you to click on and accept them.

Click on the link to view the rules when you have read through the message. You can come back to the message at any time by navigating to your inbox.


Read through the rules thoroughly. There is a mandatory counter set at the average time it takes users to read through the rules completely. This is made to counter the laziness issue brought up in the beginning. It forces people to read through the rules.


After the timer has finished counting down, you will be able to click submit.

By clicking the box where it says you agree to follow and abide by the rules, you are now accountable for your actions on drugs forum and have no excuses. You will be warned then punished for breaking them. Generally people will be kind toward first-time offenders and people won't be so harsh. Users will kindly refer you back to these same rules so that you can see where you went wrong. If the rule-breaking does not cease, then further punishments such as banning, reduction of forum functions, and negative rep and can be issued.

From time to time the forum administration may require you to accept the rules again. This occurs if the moderation team feel like there is some lack of understanding of the rules, either by you as an individual user, or if the rules have been updated, or there is a spat of rule breaking.

"I'm having a problem with accepting the rules."

The counter is not compatible with anonymous proxy browsing services which block the script. If you are on a proxy or if you have set your browser security so high that it does not accept javascript, then this will not work. You will have to approach this page without proxy with javascript on. This must be done in order to access Drugs-Forum. Check & enable your JavaScript here.

Another common problem is browser addons and overzealous anti-virus that block the counter from running. Check your antivirus settings and turn web protection etc off for a moment to check if that is the issue. (mind to refresh the page). If problems still continue open a support ticket.

Uploading an avatar and filling in your profile


An avatar is a small image associated with your account. It provides a kind of visual name, making your account more recognisable. Having avatars makes the site appear more professional and attractive, which in turn provides more opportunities for funding, and so for this reason many site functions require that an avatar has been set.


Your profile contains more detailed information about you. You can choose what information you fill in on your profile, but keep in mind the more relevant information you disclose here, the better people may be able to assist you, and not to disclose any personally identifying information.

You can find instructions for adding an avatar and updating your profile in the your profile FAQ section, found by clicking one of the your profile links.

Your email account

You must keep an active / valid email account to be active on this board. You can edit and change your email address from the contact details section of your account.
When we receive a bounced email that has come back to us, this means your email account is not active or valid and your forum account will be restricted until the email problem is corrected by you.

To correct this go to your usepCP and change your email address to a valid one. Then request an activation email. This will be sent to your email address. It will contain both a link and an activation code to activate your account.

Please note that many free email accounts require you to log in at least every X amount of days. So to avoid problems please log into your email once in awhile if you do not normally do so.

Many email providers have overzealous spam filters. If you do not receive your confirmation email make sure you check your spam folder or your spam/filter settings as it may be caught in there.

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts.
Marking email from drugs-forum as 'not spam' will avoid problems.

Gmail email problems

If you have problems with receiving the activation codes or if your account has been deactivated awaiting email activation, then it is most likely that email from drugs-forum has landed in your spam box. Please check your spam folder. If you find a message from drugs-forum there, then please mark it as 'not spam' with the 'not spam' button there. This will prevent further emails bouncing back from your Gmail account to the drugs-forum server.
Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts.

Hotmail/Live/Outlook email problems

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts. Make sure that email from the forum is not marked as spam. Please check your spam box.

Yahoo email problems

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts.

In your Yahoo! account go to options -> Block addresses -> remove block.
Please check if there is any drugs-forum related email address on your block list and remove it.

Go to options -> Spam protection -> Spam Filter.
If SpamGuard is on, then:
- select to save messages SpamGuard identifies as Spam for some time, so that you have the chance to check if normal messages get deleted.

Go to options -> Spam protection -> Mark Spam + Not Spam -> When I mark a message in the Bulk folder as Not Spam:
- Select: Move the message to my Inbox

Check your bulk folder and your trash for messages from drugs-forum. If you find any, then make sure to mark them as 'not spam'.

AOL email problems

Please add subscriptions AT drugs-forum DOT com to your contacts. Make sure that email from the forum is not marked as spam. Please check your spam box.

Hushmail email problems

Most of the email problems members have, come from Hushmail, because Hushmail requires you to log in every 3 weeks. If a member does not check his / her hushmail account, then the email account is lost. When the forum then sends an email to the account, it is bounced. Resulting in the deactivation of the forum account.

Please read this thread about Hushmail security concerns.

Losing your password

If for some reason you have forgotten your password you may request a new one to be emailed to you here. You can also access this link from the "Forgot my password" link on the login script.

Enter your email address or user name in the lost password popup dialogue and an email will be sent with instructions to reset your password.

Lost password and no email access

If you have lost your password and email access, then open up a support ticket and provide as much information as you can. Especially information that only you can know. For this reason its useful to add links to your social media in your account. Only staff will be able to see these details.

Changing a username

To change your name, follow these instructions:

Log in with your DF account here.
This is the site of the Foundation that runs DF. Do not click 'donate' but login as instructed.
  • If you registered on DF after February 2017 then your login will not work and you will need to register there as well. Use the same name as you have here.
There just select select 'Username Change'.
  • To pay by PayPal or Credit Card: Click PayPal.
  • To Pay by Bitcoin or Credit Card: Click Stripe.
(You can only use Bitcoin for single payments. Recurring payments are not possible with Bitcoin)
When done wait for the payment to process.
Then go to your account and change your name here.
It is possible to gift this functionality to someone. Use the 'Gift' button for this.

Deleting accounts

We do not delete accounts here, this tends to mess up the board and makes it confusing when trying to read threads and posts. If you wish to discontinue participating at Drugs-Forum simply stop posting.

To stop using your account:

  • Simply remove all private data from your account here.
  • Delete Any albums you have. (Click on 'Your Albums' here)
  • Untick the boxes here: Privacy settings
  • Untick the boxes in Messaging Preferences
  • If any of your threads contain private data like your name, address, then you can report those posts for removal of private data.
  • If you need an account name change then please see here.
Please do not remove content from posts

If you have an urgent situation, then contact an admin for advice. File a support ticket.

Wrong Date of Birth

If you have registered with the wrong date of birth then open up a support ticket and provide an official document that shows the correct date of birth. A ID card, drivers license for example.

Encountering Errors

If you enter an error that is unclear to you or if you believe you should not have, then ask about it in the forum. Or report it in the bug tracker. Make a screenshot and post all details there. Include your device, operating system, browser, and what you were doing. If there is an error message then copy this. Specifically if there is an unique ID.


Each breach has different warning points. Here is a overview of the different infraction levels:

Infraction Warning points
Multiple Accounts 5 points Expires in 3 Months
Indescriptive thread title 10 points Expires in 1 Month
Posting in the wrong forum 10 points Expires in 1 Month
Unreadable Posts 10 points Expires in 1 Month
Double / Cross Posting 10 points Expires in 3 Months
Posting other forum 10 points Expires in 3 Months
Price Discussion 15 points Expires in 3 Months
Self-Incrimination 15 points Expires in 3 Months
Posting link to commercial Website 20 points Expires in 3 Months
Sources discussion 20 points Expires in 3 Months
Dangerous Advice 30 points Expires in 3 Months
Flaming 30 points Expires in 3 Months
DM sources discussion 30 points Expires in 3 Months
Reputation Abuse 30 points Expires in 6 Months
Trolling 40 points Expires in 6 Months
Soliciting for Watched Chemicals 60 points Expires in 9 Months
Spamming 90 points Expires in 6 Months
Soliciting for Controlled Substances 100 points Expires Never
We will surely tweak this in the future, but this will give you an idea. The staff are able to deviate from these settings in case the breach is more serious than normal.

The effects of warning points

Warning points do not expire in the listed time frame if the rules are broken again.
50 warning points result in a one month ban.
100 points is a permanent ban.
3 warning means a 2 weeks ban.
5 warning means a permanent ban as well.

After a ban has expired, warning points may easily lead to a new ban if a member breaks another rule.

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