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You can upload an avatar, which will be shown on your profile, on in every post and practically at any other place on the site.

Donating members can upload an animated avatar.

To upload an avatar or change an avatar, navigate to the Avatar option from the user menu.


From this page you can select upload an image to add a new image, move the image around in the preview to crop it, and select delete current avatar to replace it.


Note: Many site functions require that an avatar has been set, including promotion above the level of silver membership.

Featured Badge

The featured badge area allows you to select one of the badges you have earned to display on your profile page.


Clicking on the featured badge will open a window that allows you to remove featured badges from display, and select a new badge to feature from amongst those you have earned.


Badges and Trophies

Badges and Trophies are a way the site recognises the contributions of its members. Trophies are earned at various milestones, and each trophy earned comes with a number of points. Earning trophies is one of the primary methods the staff uses to determine if a member has qualified for promotion to a higher member level. Below the Trophies display is an information block from which progress to the next badge can be tracked.


An FAQ on the badges and trophies system can be found here:

A list of the badges and trophies available to be earned can be found here:

Clicking on the number of badges earned will take you to a page showing how the badges that have been earned.


This dialogue will also show you how many trophy points have been earned and the level you have achieved.


Follow & Followers

The follow function is not a method of generating alerts when a certain person posts new content. There is functionality for that in certain areas of the site such as articles and journals where you can "Watch author". (Please see those articles in the FAQ for more information). Instead what the follow function does is create a list of members you can quickly access to see what they've been up to or unfollow them if you choose to.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

Populating the list of followed members allows you to use settings from the privacy and media album sections to grant those members access to more of your profile information.

[​IMG] [​IMG]

You can quickly see who is following you, and who you are following from the main your profile page (left side bar on large screen views and toward the bottom of the page for small screen views).


Note: This function is used to control access to your private information depending on what settings you have active in the privacy and media album sections. If you have identifying information in your profile and albums that you do not wish to share in this way you should review your privacy and album settings before using the follow function.

Profile Cover

Your Profile cover can consist of one or a slideshow of several pictures. You can upload and manage your cover via the "Manage Cover" button at the top right on the Profile page.

The button opens a dropdown menu from which you can choose the options:
  • "Delete Cover" which deletes all uploaded items;
  • "Manage Cover" which allows you to add or delete cover items and set the order in which they appear in the slideshow;
  • "Reposition Cover" which lets you choose the position of the items.

Your Profile Page Tabs

These sections provide a brief description of what information may be found on various pages. Not all of these tabs will be visible to members as tabs for which there is no content are not displayed (for example: If a member has incurred no warnings they will not have a tab for warnings).

Profile Posts

Profile posts are sometimes called "Visitor Messages" (if someone else posts a message to your profile) or "Status Updates" (if you post a message to your own profile). They are displayed similarly to the comments found in the Articles and Journals sections. Profile posts are public and therefore different from Direct Messages (DM). They can be seen by anyone you have allowed access to in your privacy settings. You can update your status from the your profile menu or the your profile page.


You can post a visitor message to another members profile by navigating to their profile page (if they have allowed you permission to post visitor messages to their page in their privacy settings).


Profile posts are limited to 140 characters or less. They are primarily a social function of the site and most of what is found in them will be off-topic for the forums, however all of the rules that apply to posting in other areas of the site apply to profile posts. Questions about forum related topics should not be asked in profile posts because this makes the information more difficult to access for others with similar questions. Please do not ask staff questions via profile posts, instead refer to the FAQ, site use forum and helpdesk as is most appropriate for the question. If the profile post functionality is abused it may result in the functionality being switched off and staff action taken against the infringing parties.

Recent Activity

Provides a list of all recent activities of the member.


Provides a list of the postings by a member (things like forum postings; articles, studies and media added; or new journal entries).


Provides a summary of the information added by the member to the Personal Details and Contact Details sections of the User Account. Members can use the Privacy options to set who is able to view this information.



Provides a summary of warnings received by the member, the warning points for each warning, and the expiry date. Only visible to staff and the member who received the warning.


Provides a list of articles posted by the member.


Provides a list of studies posted by the member.

Journal Entries

Provides a list of journal entries posted by the member.


Provides a list of reviews posted by the member.


Provides a list of the most recent badges earned for each particular category of badges in which one has been earned.

Thread Ratings

Provides a list of ratings of threads started by the member. From here the ratings can also be reported for assessment by a moderator if they do not appear to be valid for any reason by clicking the report button on the rating entry.


Provides a list of which subforums or other site areas the member most frequently posts to.

Received Ratings

Provides a list of ratings of posts by the member. From here the ratings may be reported for assessment by a moderator if they do not appear to be within the guidelines specified in the reputation system wiki article. Please note that reporting in this manner is the only acceptable method of disputing a post review, and filing a helpdesk ticket is the only acceptable method of appealing that. It is not permitted to publicly discuss specific reputation awards in the forums.


Provides a list of groups the member leads or is a member of.


Provides a complete list of media added by the member.


Provides a list of albums added by the member. Please note: although albums can be restricted in who is allowed to view them, the privacy settings for albums are modified in the Media Gallery area of the site, not the your profile, so please see that article for instructions.

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